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Super Plunge

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What is the Super Plunge? Over a 24 hour period, Super Plungers will take 24 icy dips (once every hour) in the height of winter. All Super Plungers will live in a heated shelter during this intense, fun and wild round-the-clock adventure.

When is the Super Plunge? The first plunge will take place at noon on the day before. The last plunge will be at 11 AM on the day of the Portland Plunge with the rest of the Polar Plungers.

Where is the Super Plunge? Right now, there is one Super Plunge--in Portland. Do you think your town can support a Super Plunge? We need to know that at least 5 people are up to this challenge, and we will consider it!

How will our Super Plungers survive? Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of them. We’ll feed them, keep them comfortable & warm and keep them entertained. We promise that it will be a fun adventure.

Why would anyone want to be a Super Plunger? Super Plungers are extreme. Elite. They are people that want to be a part of something special. They also want to help Special Olympics Oregon in our mission of offering training and competition opportunities to adults and children with intellectual disabilities.

So, you think you have what it takes. How can you be a Super Plunger? Super Plunge isn’t for the faint of heart and we know it’s not for everyone. If you are brave enough, tough enough and crazy enough, we want you. We ask that you raise a minimum of $3,000 for the privilege of being a Super Plunger.

Ready to sign up and start fundraising?

Join the Portland Super Plunge team

More questions? Contact us at polarplunge@soor.org or 503-248-0600



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