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Medford Plunge gets New Name

Sep 29, 2017 •

Looking for the "Medford Plunge"?  It is now called Southern Oregon Polar Plunge.  Same great location, same cold water!  We hope to see all you fantastic Southern Oregonians out raising money and supporting your local Special Olympics Oregon athletes at the 2018 Southern Oregon Polar Plunge on February 17, 2018.

Fred Meyer,Welcome Back & Thank You!

Sep 29, 2017 •

2018 Polar Plunge presenting sponsor, Fred Meyer is instrumental in the success of the Polar Plunge. Through financial investment, in-kind incentives, marketing support, and employee engagement, Fred Meyer makes the Polar Plunge a company-wide endeavor. Special Olympics Oregon and the Law Enforcement Torch Run couldn’t ask for a more involved and engaged presenting sponsor. Thank you to Fred Meyer leadership and employees across the State for making Special Olympics Oregon and the Polar Plunge one of your community priorities.

Thank you!

Mar 31, 2017 •

 Thank you to Oregon Law Enforcement for their continued sponsorship and support of the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Oregon.

"Color Plunge" to Debut at Portland's Polar Plunge Feb. 25

Feb 17, 2017 •

The World's First Color Plunge Makes its Debut at the Portland Polar Plunge!

2017 is bringing some new (and colorful) events to the Polar Plunge! If running into the water doused in bright colors is something you're game for, then the COLOR PLUNGE is for you.

It will be the final plunge of the day so make sure when you pick up your goodie bag on site, you let them know you want to participate in the color plunge this year. Still want to plunge with your team? No problem! You can do both. Plunge with your team and then stay around to do the color plunge at the end. Two plunges for the price of one.

Here's what you need to know:

The ColorPlunge is the newest addition to the Oregon Law Enforcement Polar Plunge on February 25th on Broughton Beach presented by Fred Meyer to benefit  Special Olympics Oregon). 

The final group Plunge will be reserved for those Daffy Dippers who crave the ultimate in frozen FUN as we offer ANY Plunger the opportunity to get “tie dyed” on the beach pre-Plunge with a rainbow of neon colored powder thrown both by YOU the ColorPlunger and event powder “pros”!

If you would like to brighten up your Plunge experience – you simply need to say so when you check in.

THE Frozen FAQs!

How do I sign up to experience the ColorPlunge?
Let the volunteer know when you check-in on site.

What is the inspiration behind the ColorPlunge?
Portland is the first and ONLY Plunge event in the world to incorporate the color powder magic to a cold water event. It is inspired by several awesome running events and the festival of Holi – celebrated worldwide each year to herald the arrival of Spring!  Thumb your nose at icy on-ramps!

Can children participate?
On one condition, if you are prepared to be one of the hippest moms/dads on the planet!

How do I register to be a ColorPlunger?
You will receive an 8 ounce bag of neon powder upon registration. ColorPlungers will be given specific instructions  on the use of powder packs and Plunge logistics when you arrive at the Plunge.

How is the “color” administered Pre-Plunge?
For several minutes before our intrepid ColorPlungers  greet the icy Columbia – a full on powder BEACH BLITZ will occur, both by Plungers and volunteers, courtesy of our Plunge Powder Patrol!  This whacky crew has one goal in mind – to douse you in enough colorful powder to ensure you look like you ran thru a rainbow on your way to the river’s edge!

Tell me about this powder I’ll be “wearing” – is it safe?
The health & safety of our Plungers is the #1 concern of this event. The color powder used for the ColorPlunge is certified non-toxic and free of any “icky” stuff.  Made in the good ole U.S. of A. – the powder is simply a combination of food grade corn starch & dye, and baking soda.
As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes, and while “sharing” your powder with fellow ColorPlungers, remember to aim below the neck!

OK – so you can basically eat the powder – but what are the KEY facts we should know about its magical effect on clothes, cars and relationships?
You want the arctic memories of your ColorPlunge to stay with you forever, but if you are concerned about making sure the color doesn’t stick around longer than you’d like, here are some helpful tips!

1. If you have light or highlighted hair and absolutely cannot afford any leftover color (a badge of accomplishment!) simply comb in either a small amount of olive or cocoanut oil, or a leave in conditioner pre-Plunge.  Every head of hair is different and will react differently to the color.  The vast majority of the powder will wash off during the Plunge – but if you need to insure color free hair hours after the Plunge – this is a good step.  Post Plunge – rinse out oil/ conditioner you applied with COLD water.  Now wash your hair as you normally would.  It is not uncommon for hints of some color, pink & purple particularly, to stick around for a few washes.  Wear it like a badge of honor.  Or wear a hat. Plan accordingly!

2. Eyewear (especially cheap swim goggles) are a good idea to keep any powder out of your peepers during the baptism of color.  As a reminder - please DO NOT throw powder into fellow ColorPlungers' faces (just their fish belly white tummys!).

3. Clothing – Though the powder will eventually wash out of just about everything – its not a great idea to Plunge in $500 running shoes or white suede board shorts. Basic rule of thumb – anything “powdered” you are wearing when you hit the water will permanently retain the glorious colors you sported upon entry.  Bottom line?  Choose a ColorPlunge costume (shoes to hat, with white cotton clothing being the best “canvas”) that you are psyched to sacrifice to this king sized tie dye project!

ColorPlunge Great Eight List:
*Grab Some Friends – the ColorPlunge is meant to be shared amongst like minded maniacs – freezing their fur off for a fantastic cause.  Start a team – it’s simply more fun to experience the BURRRR with your BFF’s (plus you’ll appreciate being with people that love you enough to tell you your teeth are green with pink spots).

*MMMM – Cornstarch is Yummy (NOT!) – Do yourself a favor, keep your mouth shut during color application - No “duh” right?  Though Technicolor Teeth are a hip accessory to your new tie dyed look – our powder, as safe as it is, don’t taste all that good.

*Pink Teeth- Bandanas are a great barrier to prevent “Open Mouth Syndrome” – and they make a great cleaning aid - post Plunge.

*Car Love - Protect your car.  Unless you are walking to the Plunge – you are probably gonna have to put your colored self back in your car at some point. An expendable towel or sheet will protect your chariot from “rainbow ruination”.

*Color Love -Though we love ALL our ColorPlungers equally – our powder seems to love some people MORE than others. Some colors – especially blue, want to party a bit longer than others – so just keep that in mind for the following day – don’t be confused if members of your church express concern that you are not getting enough oxygen to your lips!

*Wrap that Rascal - Waterproof cameras are safe from polar powder intrusion – BUT if you are intending on taking “dry land” photos before you consummate your ColorPlunge – it is important that you cover your phone/camera with a protective “dust wrap”. There are dozens of DIY wraps on the net – we strongly recommend you make one if your camera is not protected – the colorful powder particles are sneaky and the ColorPlunge is not liable for any damage that occurs!

*Help! – What if I have a super sweet question that isn’t answered here? Contact Plunge central by phone @ 503-248-0600 or by email plungeoregon@soor.org

*BE RIDICULOUS! – last but not least.  This is your chance to howl at the moon – wear a Tutu in February (the CLASSIC ColorPlunge fashion statement for both women AND men). Figure out a way to bedazzle your favorite Speedo and break out your gold sequined fanny pack. This is just one of those rare opportunities to part ways with your sanity in support of the most amazing athletes on the planet.

Plunge with the Winterhawks

Feb 08, 2017 •

It's Plunge night with the Winterhawks!

Get your tickets now because we're lacing up the skates...okay, not really, but we might hitch a ride on the Zamboni!
The Winterhawks are proudly partnering with the Oregon Law Enforcement Polar Plunge February 10th against the Spokane Chiefs at the Moda Center!
The team will donate $5 of every ticket sold using this special “PLUNGE” promo code to support Special Olympics Oregon and the Polar Plunge event.
**Only the tickets purchased with the links above will donate $5 per ticket to Special Olympics Oregon.**

Partnering again with Lithia Motors, Inc.

Dec 30, 2016 •

Lithia Motors Inc. continues to generously support Special Olympics Oregon through their sponsorship of the 2017 Polar Plunge.

This sponsorship is an example of how Lithia Motors Inc. strives to provide an emphasis on employee volunteerism and community involvement. They seek to promote and enhance local youth development through efforts that allow for local support that positively impacts and improves the vitality of a healthy community.

With locations all over the state of Oregon, there is sure to be one near you.  They will be represented by their friendly and helpful staff at each of the five plunges.  Here are the dealerships who will be participating with plunge teams.  Be sure to thank them for their support of our over 13,000 Special Olympic Oregon participants.

Medford CJD
Grants Pass Dodge
Portland Buick GMC
Bend Chevy
Bend Honda
Mini of Portland
Salem VW
Medford Toyota
Portland Cadillac
Medford Honda
Salem Honda
Medford VW
Medford Nissan
Medford BMW
Eugene Dodge
Eugene Nissan
Springfield Toyota
Mercedes Benz of Portland
Oregon City Subaru

Welcome Legacy Health and PacificSource

Dec 12, 2016 •

A big THANK YOU to our friends over at Legacy Health and PacificSource.  They are partnering with Special Olympics Oregon and the Polar Plunge as title sponsor of the Polar Plunge 5k Fun Run.  Through their generous support, thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities all over the state will have the opportunity for a happier and healthier life.
The Legacy Health PacificSource Polar Plunge 5k Fun Run is a great family friendly event.  A point-to-point course on the Marine Drive Trail along the beautiful Columbia River. The finish line is on Broughton Beach located at the Gleason Boat Ramp. Arrive just in time for the amazing Portland Polar Plunge activities, with lots of free food, hot beverages, and a Winter Beach Party with live music and much more.

Burgerville supports Special Olympics Oregon this October

Oct 18, 2016 •

Burgerville locations across the region are partnering with Special Olympics Oregon to raise support and awareness for the 2017 Polar Plunge. October 17-31, 26 Burgerville restaurants from Corvallis to Vancouver are inviting customers to make $1 or $5 donations towards the Polar Plunge and hang a personalized icon in store.

Come February, Burgerville employees will be taking the Plunge in Oregon’s icy rivers, based on the funds raised in their store. Visit the participating Burgerville in your neighborhood to support Special Olympics Oregon and its 13,000 participants!

Burgerville is statewide sponsor of the 2017 Polar Plunge and long-time supporter of the Special Olympics Oregon Summer State Games.

Fred Meyer Renews!

Sep 29, 2016 •

Fred Meyer has renewed its presenting sponsorship for the 2017 and 2018 Polar Plunge. Fred Meyer has been instrumental in the success of the Polar Plunge. Through financial investment, in-kind incentives, marketing support, and employee engagement, Fred Meyer has made the Polar Plunge a company-wide endeavor. Special Olympics Oregon and the Law Enforcement Torch Run couldn’t ask for a more involved and engaged presenting sponsor. Thank you to Fred Meyer leadership and employees across the State for making Special Olympics Oregon and the Polar Plunge one of your community priorities.

We Love Coca-Cola

Feb 01, 2016 •

For 47 years, Coca-Cola and Special Olympics have shared a partnership which celebrates inclusion.  As a global sponsor of Special Olympics, Coca-Cola has proudly supported the Special Olympics Games.  Locally, Coca-Cola financially supports Special Olympics Oregon and provides thousands of dollars in donated bottled water for our athletes participating in the Summer State Games and Polar Plunge.  Coca-Cola employees also volunteer their time at Special Olympics events including taking the Polar Plunge!

Thank you to our friends at Coca-Cola!

Thank you Burgerville!

Jan 22, 2016 •

Burgerville is a Proud Sponsor of the Polar Plunge!

Built on a tradition of serving fresh food made with local ingredients, Burgerville continues to partner with neighboring farms and businesses that share their commitment to quality food and regional vitality. From a single restaurant in 1961 to over 40 across the Pacific Northwest, they continue to push the boundaries of quality and transparency.

This year Burgerville became a statewide sponsor by selling Polar Plunge icon's in 22 of their Portland area restaurants and raised over $10,000 for Special Olympics Oregon

It’s no wonder Burgerville is a hometown favorite!

Thank You Les Schwab!

Jan 08, 2016 •

Shivery Schwabsicles

Les Schwab Tire Centers has been a longtime friend and partner of Special Olympics Oregon. The partnership spreads across the entire SOOR mission – from critical support of State Games to the presenting sponsor of the Respect Campaign to Polar Plunge! Their dedication to our mission is amazing and even extends to the Shivering Schwabsicles who have braved the Deschutes River since the very first Bend Polar Plunge!

We love Les Schwab! Next time you're in the market for tires or brakes, get them at Les Schwab and tell them how much you appreciate what they do for Special Olympics Oregon.

On Plunge Day, be sure to stop by and sign the Respect banner and pledge to show RESPECT to all

Thank you Lithia Auto Stores!

Dec 28, 2015 •

Our friends at Lithia Motors, Inc. (NYSE: LAD) continue their generous support of Special Olympics Oregon with statewide store sponsorship of the 2016 Polar Plunge.

Lithia Motors, Inc. is committed to supporting the communities they serve. Through their “Lithia 4Kids” Program, Lithia prioritizes giving to efforts that inspire, educate, strengthen and empower youth.

An Oregon-based Fortune 500 Company, Lithia Motors, Inc. currently has 23 stores in the state and is the largest automotive company in Oregon. A Lithia store is most likely located near your community and can be found in all five  Special Olympics Oregon Polar Plunge cities.

Let the staff at your nearby Lithia Motors, Inc. store know how much you appreciate their community support next time you shop for a new or used vehicle.

Thank you Aerotek!

Dec 16, 2015 •

Thank you Aerotek for your Statewide Sponsorship!

Aerotek is a leader in the recruiting and staffing industry. With more than three decades in the recruiting and staffing industry, they have developed the knowledge and skills to deliver the perfect fit between a candidate and an employer.

Aerotek has had one of the top Polar Plunge teams in the state for several years, raising over $20,000. This year we are happy to welcome them as a Statewide Polar Plunge Sponsor!

Thank you for all of your amazing support Aerotek!

We Love Our Presenting Sponsor FredMeyer!

Dec 02, 2015 •

Fred Meyer Plunge Team

We love our Presenting Sponsor FredMeyer!

With more than 130 stores and 30,000 employees FredMeyer is one of the most successful retailers in the West. And one of the biggest supporters of Special Olympics Oregon!

FredMeyer has been the Presenting Sponsor of the Oregon Polar Plunge for several years.  They support us in so many ways including hosting our pre-event check-in nights, promoting the plunges in each community, putting together many Polar Plunge teams each year and doing a great job of partnering with SOOR to make sure the Polar Plunges are the best they can be.

Thank you FredMeyer!

Sponsor We Love: Starbucks

Mar 03, 2015 •


From the beginning, Starbucks set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated coffee and the rich tradition, but that also brought a feeling of connection. Today, with more than 21,000 stores in 65 countries, Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world.

They make sure everything they do is through the lens of humanity--from their commitment to the highest quality coffee in the world, to the way they engage with their customers and communities to do business responsibly. And we're so thankful that includes their generous support of Special Olympics Oregon through the Polar Plunge.

A Sponsor We Love: PEMCO Insurance

Jan 05, 2015 •

We want to give a huge thank you to one of our most generous sponsors. PEMCO Insurance, established in 1949, is a Seattle-based provider of auto, home, boat, and umbrella insurance.

PEMCO strives to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. In our case, by generously donating to the Polar Plunge.

Next time you're in the market for insurance, think about PEMCO.

A Sponsor We Love: Les Schwab Tire Centers

Dec 05, 2014 •

Les Schwab Tire Centers has partnered with Special Olympics Oregon to help promote Respect, Unity, and Pride in Performance to Oregon students.

As part of their partnership, they are sponsoring the Polar Plunge, including outreach and registration in schools. They're a crucial partner in helping us spread awareness of Special Olympics Oregon's mission and ways students can help (including Polar Plunge).

We also love the way Les Schwab has helped us with their Respect banners. All plungers and attendees are encouraged to sign the Respect banner, which are a powerful reminder of how much we can do to show support for our athletes.

Next time you're in the market for tires or brakes, get them at Les Schwab and tell them how much you appreciate what they do for Special Olympics Oregon.

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