A Sponsor We Love:PEMCO Insurance

Jan 05, 2015 •

We want to give a huge thank you to one of our most generous sponsors. PEMCO Insurance, established in 1949, is a Seattle-based provider of auto, home, boat, and umbrella insurance.

PEMCO strives to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. In our case, by generously donating to the Polar Plunge.

Next time you're in the market for insurance, think about PEMCO.

A Sponsor We Love: Les Schwab Tire Centers

Dec 05, 2014 •

Les Schwab Tire Centers has partnered with Special Olympics Oregon to help promote Respect, Unity, and Pride in Performance to Oregon students.

As part of their partnership, they are sponsoring the Polar Plunge, including outreach and registration in schools. They're a crucial partner in helping us spread awareness of Special Olympics Oregon's mission and ways students can help (including Polar Plunge).

We also love the way Les Schwab has helped us with their Respect banners. All plungers and attendees are encouraged to sign the Respect banner, which are a powerful reminder of how much we can do to show support for our athletes.

Next time you're in the market for tires or brakes, get them at Les Schwab and tell them how much you appreciate what they do for Special Olympics Oregon.

A Sponsor We Love: Fred Meyer

Nov 21, 2014 •

With more than 130 stores and 30,000 employees Fred Meyer is one of the most successful retailers in the West. And one of the biggest supporters of Special Olympics in Oregon. But did you know  our favorite one-stop store was named for a real person?

Fred G. Meyer (originally Frederick Grubmeyer) came to Portland, Oregon in 1908 when he was 22 years old. Drawing on his experience working for his family’s grocery business, Mr. Meyer began selling coffee from a horse-drawn cart to workers at farms and lumber camps.

He opened his first store in 1922 and with his focus on the Customer (always with a capital C) he grew and became successful, soon adding more stores. And more than 90 years later Fred Meyer stores treat shoppers as Customers.

Fred Meyer has been a long-time supporter of Special Olympics Oregon, and is the Presenting Sponsor of the Oregon plunges.  They support us in so many ways including hosting our pre-event check-in nights (and providing towels to attendees), promoting the plunges in each community, putting together many Polar Plunge teams each year and doing a great job of partnering with SOOR to make sure the Polar Plunges are the best they can be.  We love Fred Meyer!

Please Join Us In Thanking Our Polar Plunge 2014 Sponsors

Mar 18, 2014 •


The state-wide annual Oregon Law Enforcement Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) presented by Fred Meyer raised more than $450,000 for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

In addition to the generous support of Fred Meyer, our presenting sponsor, we received much needed funding from the following statewide sponsors:

  • Les Schwab
  • WinterFest
  • Lithia
  • Coca Cola
  • Deschutes Brewery

Each of the 5 statewide Polar Plunges was supported by key local sponsors who gave time, equipment, personnel, as well as financially.

Please go to your local Plunge page and scroll down to see your local sponsors. Then let them know how much you appreciate their support:


Results For 2014 Polar Plunge: Thanks To You We Raised Over $450,000!

Mar 15, 2014 •

Statewide Plunge Winners For 2014

Here are the individual and team winners for Oregon:

Super Plungers - raised $68,643!!

Top College Team: Bend ASCOCC (Central Oregon Community College) raised $2,527 with 51 Plungers

Top K-12 Team: The LaSallian All Stars! From LaSalle Catholic College Prep School raised $8,309 with 52 Plungers

Top Fundraising Team: BRRRidge City Polar Paddlers raised $12,407 with 132 Plungers!
(Shivering Schwabsicles came in second, raising $10,566 with just 14 Plungers!)

Grand Totals for Oregon:
Total number of teams: 398
Total Number of Plungers Registered: 3,609
Total Amount Raised: $450,027.23!!

Wow! Thank you SO much for all your work and your willingness to plunge.
Your effort means everything for the 10,000 athletes we'll be able to serve in the coming year.

Provide YOUR Feedback!

Feb 28, 2013 •

Hi Polar Plungers! Now that the 2013 Plunges are over, we want to know how you felt about it! Your opinions, feedback, comments, concerns, and questions are very important to us. We are starting the planning for 2014, and want to make sure the event improves! Please take feel free to take this short, 9 question survey to let us know what you thought/how we can improve:

If you don't want to take the survey, but have a suggestion, comment, or concern, please feel free to email Madison at

Thank you Plungers!! We SO appreciate everything you do!!

You Did It! Records Get Dunked In 2013 Polar Plunge

Feb 23, 2013 •

You were part of a record 3,640 plungers who hit the cold water. You represented 423 different teams (another record). And--drum roll please--you helped raise $464,278!! That's our second highest total of all time.

By participating, you helped ensure that 10,000 of our participants will have another year of the sports they love so much, and "training for life." On behalf them and all of us at Special Olympics Oregon, we want to thank you so much.

Top Oregon Fundraising Team - Les Schwab Shivering Schwabsicles $13,275

To see the individual stats for your particular plunge, scroll down the page.

We want to know what we're doing right and how to improve. Please take our quick 9 question survey.

Medford: Chilled Party On The Pool Deck!

Feb 22, 2013 •

Watching 30 people land in a freezing, cold pool at exactly the same instant is a sight you don't soon forget.

404 Plungers raised $43,546.

Top Individual Fundraiser – Felix Saldivar $2940 (F D Thomas)
Top Fundraising Team - F D Thomas $6195
Top LE Fundraiser - JCSO Shawn Richards, $740
Largest Team - Special Olympics Jackson County Super Heroes, $2433 with 44 members
Top K-12 - Central Medford High School - $860 (12 Members)

Costume Contest:
Team - Aqua Nets
Individuals - Eric Thompson and Stacy Coonrod

Eugene: A 15% Jump In Fundraising!

Feb 21, 2013 •

The water was a little colder and the screams were a little louder this year.

303 Plungers raised $34,287.

Top Individual Fundraiser - Ted Barker, Local Program Coordinator $1,265
Top Law Enforcement Fundraiser - Nancy Brink, Lane County Sheriff's Office $1,015
Top Fundraising Team - PPPM Plungers $3,011.50
Largest Team - Trillium Icebergs with 29 plungers
Top Fundraising High School - Yoncalla $1,208
Largest High School Team - Thurston with 13 plungers
Costume Contest Winner - KEZI-TV 9 News

Portland: A 22% Increase In Plungers!

Feb 20, 2013 •

We thought you were going to splash all the water out of the Columbia.

1945 plungers raised $288,581

Top Fundraiser - Jack Kain $17,605
Largest Team - BRRRidge City Polar Paddlers with 96 Plungers
Team Raising Most Money - BRRRidge City Polar Paddlers $11,510
Law Enforcement Individual Raising Most Money - Jarrod Johnson $1,565
K-12 School that raised the most money - La Salle Catholic College Prep $4,444.15
K-12 School with the most plungers - Forest Grove High School Super Viks with 52 plungers
Costume Contest - Phil Anderchuck Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

Corvallis: Incredible Costumes And Energy!

Feb 19, 2013 •

The man in the blue Speedo is now part of Polar Plunge legend.

386 Plungers raised $41,488.

Top Fundraiser & Top Law Enforcement Fundraiser- Brian Frazzini $3,070
Top Team - Salem PD $6,465 (if it’s them)
Costume Contest - Lebanon Police Department (Wizard of Oz)

High School Challenges
Top Fundraisers - West Albany High School $895
Most Plungers - West Albany High School (13)

The Greek Competitions:
Highest participation - Alpha Gamma Delta
Most money raised - Alpha Gamma Delta
Best presentation of letters - Sigma Kappa

The Campus Competitions:
Highest Participation - OSU Circle K
Most money raised - OSU Circle K

Bend: The State's Second Largest Plunge!

Feb 18, 2013 •

It's the coldest and the oldest of Oregon's 5 Plunges.

422 Plungers raised $56,376.

Top Individual Fundraiser – Benjamin Finestone, $2550
Top LE Fundraiser – Kecia Weaver, $1278 BPD
Top Fundraising Team – Les Schwab Shivering Schwabsicles $13,275
Largest Team – ASCOCC Bobcats 33
Top K-12 – Bend High School $4040 (44 Members)

Costume Winners:
Team – Shrek on Ice
Individual – Oregon Man


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